Why Replace Your Metal Fillings with Tooth-colored Fillings?

Though metal fillings being an eyesore comes as no surprise, many are surprised to learn that metal fillings can actually be damaging to the teeth. Fortunately, reconstructive dentistry treatments can help restore the health and appearance of damaged teeth. When it comes to replacing metal fillings, tooth-colored fillings are a wonderful restorative treatment. Huntington dentist Robert J. Matlach offers the following overview to help you understand why it's beneficial to replace metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings.

Why Replace Metal Fillings?

Metal fillings can be replaced for both cosmetic and health reasons. When it comes to dental aesthetics, metal fillings stand out against white teeth, making it obvious you've had dental work done. Those who find this embarrassing would greatly benefit from tooth-colored fillings. Dental health can also be affected by metal fillings, specifically silver amalgam. Silver amalgam fillings are the most commonly used, however, they can leave the teeth weak and vulnerable to cracking. Here are a few of the many reasons to consider replacing metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings. 

  • Metal fillings can cause damage: Silver fillings can damage the teeth, leaving them weak and vulnerable to breakage. This happens because the silver amalgam used to the fill the teeth expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations, like when you eat something hot and then take a sip of ice cold water. Overtime, expansion and contraction of the silver amalgam puts stress on the filled tooth, and can cause it to fracture. Tooth-colored fillings don't expand or contract with temperature changes, so replacing old metal fillings can help protect your teeth from breaking.
  • Metal fillings can discolor the teeth: Silver amalgam fillings have a tendency to discolor the surrounding tooth, turning them a grayish tint. Tooth-colored fillings won't discolor the teeth and, if used to replace metal fillings, can help prevent discoloration from occurring. 
  • Tooth-colored fillings are more aesthetically pleasing: Tooth-colored fillings are custom-shaded to blend with the surrounding teeth. This creates a much more aesthetically pleasing look than metal fillings.
  • Tooth-colored fillings are durable: Tooth-colored fillings are long lasting and durable, and since they don't damage the teeth like metal fillings, they can protect your teeth for years to come.
  • Restore dental strength: Metal dental fillings require a large amount of healthy tooth to be removed for placement, leaving teeth weak and vulnerable to fracture. Tooth-colored fillings require less tooth structure to be removed for placement, helping to keep the tooth intact. When used to replace metal fillings, tooth-colored fillings can help restore the tooth's structure.
  • Improved confidence: Replacing old metal fillings can improve the appearance of your smile, giving you the confidence to flash your pearly whites!

Find Out Which Treatment Is Right for You

Tooth-colored fillings are just one of many tooth-colored treatment options available to restore the appearance of your teeth. Tooth-colored fillings can improve confidence and restore your teeth to a flawless look. To find out which treatment is right for you, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Matlach today!