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Medical Risk Assessment Huntington

Smiling mother and daughter dental patients at Robert Matlach DentalOur office creates a medical risk assessment for future tooth loss for each patient we see. This assessment can help guide the recommendations we make to protect your oral health.

An Evaluation to Protect Your Dental Future

Your unique risk assessment will establish your risk (low, medium or high) for future tooth loss. Based on the result, we develop a plan for personalized care as well as a long-term strategy for dental health.

Your risk will be assessed in the following 5 categories:

  1. Gum and Bone: Healthy gums and bone are the foundation for overall oral health because the gums and bone are the supporting tissues for your teeth. We will evaluate these tissues to determine the overall health and condition of both the gums and surrounding bone.
  2. Teeth: We will evaluate the condition of the teeth themselves and any restorations, such as fillings, crowns, bridges, etc. in each individual. Cavities and damaged restorations compromise your teeth, which is why we might make recommendations for restorative procedures that can correct the problem.
  3. Function: We will evaluate how the upper and lower jaws and teeth work with each other. Are the teeth worn or wearing down? Are the jaw joints (TMJs) comfortable? Are the chewing muscles comfortable? Based on the answers, we may recommend TMJ treatment that improves jaw function.
  4. Smile: How much of the teeth are visible in the smile? The more your teeth show in your smile, the higher the risk for noticing imperfections. The smile evaluation is of particular importance to individuals who do not like the appearance of their teeth or are feeling self-conscious.
  5. Medical History: What medical conditions are present? Certain medical conditions like diabetes, GERD, and many others can affect not only the long-term health of the mouth but may be related to the overall health of the body as well.

The goal of the risk assessment is to establish the present condition of someone’s oral health. We make decisions regarding treatment based on science and evidence-based treatment. The dental treatment we recommend is designed to lower the risk for future tooth loss, damage to the teeth, and the need for future dental treatment.

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