Tooth Extractions

Have a Tooth Pulled in Huntington

smiling man who had a tooth pulled in Huntington NYWe need our teeth to live. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to get the necessary nutrients our bodies need. They also help us to communicate clearly. Because we use our mouths throughout the day, our teeth are often very visible to everyone around us.

This is why good dental hygiene habits at home and regular dental cleanings and checkups are vital to maintaining healthy, beautiful teeth. It’s also why dental practices offer many different types of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments; we want our teeth to look nice.

On the other hand, when we don’t take care of our teeth, they not only lack pleasing aesthetics, but they can also harm our health. The alternative to keeping our teeth clean is disease and decay, which can extend beyond the confines of our mouths to affect overall health as well.

When a tooth threatens oral and overall health, sometimes tooth extraction is necessary to protect you.

Tooth Removal at Robert Matlach Dental

You may need a tooth pulled for several reasons. If you’re experiencing any of the following situations, tooth removal might be the best option for you:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth.
  • Excessive tooth decay.
  • Tooth infection.
  • Stubborn baby teeth.
  • Broken teeth.
  • Overcrowding.

We only recommend a tooth extraction when it will benefit your health. Tooth removal can alleviate these situations and keep your mouth healthy.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

happy man standing in front of a food truck near CenterportAlthough we are always happy to help you, we want to see you get the best help available in situations that call for extensive experience, like wisdom tooth removal. When you are experiencing problems with your wisdom teeth, we will refer you to a trusted professional who can help you.

Comfortable Tooth Extractions

If you’re coming to see us to get a tooth pulled at our Huntington office, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable. We offer a number of options to ensure that you can relax while we work to protect your oral health: pillows, blankets, and laughing gas.

If you’re having wisdom teeth removed, we can talk to you about your sedation options.

Recovery From Having a Tooth Pulled

After your tooth removal, you’ll need to avoid crumbling, crunchy types of food for a few weeks. Food like chips or popcorn can get into the healing areas of your mouth and cause problems.

You should also avoid using a straw because the sucking motion can dislodge the clot your body puts in place to help the socket heal.

Tooth Replacement

When we recommend tooth extraction, we also talk to you about tooth replacement options, so you do not have to suffer the pain of missing teeth any longer than necessary. We will carefully evaluate your oral health before making a recommendation, so you can choose the replacement that will best benefit your oral health.

Let Us Protect Your Health!

If you still have questions about tooth removal, we can answer those questions to put your mind at ease. When you come in for an appointment, we will make sure you feel comfortable with our recommendation for tooth extraction, so you can feel confident that having a tooth pulled will benefit you.

Contact our Huntington office to get help with protecting your health today if you are in the area, including Halesite and Centerport!

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