Office Visits

Welcome to our practice. We pride ourselves on offering top-quality dental care with the utmost comfort and heart. We realize many people have anxiety when it comes to the dentist chair. So, please share your concerns and fears and know that we will extend every effort to ease your nerves while providing you superb care. 

Our office is equipped with advanced dental technology, allowing us to provide precise diagnostics and treatment. We welcome patients of all ages, and provide services specifically designed for young children as well as seniors. If you experience anxiety during dental appointments, or if you are especially sensitive to dental treatment, we offer nitrous oxide to help you relax.

We understand that dental trauma can happen at any time, and Dr. Matlach is on-call to address patients' dental emergencies after hours.

Your Risk-based Assessment

Just as our relationship with our patients extends beyond dental health, the scope of care we provide extends beyond simply caring for your teeth and gums. Our risk-based assessment evaluates:

  • Periodontal and Bone Health

  • Structure of the Teeth

  • Function of the Teeth

  • Aesthetics of the Smile

  • Overall Health Issues

After your appointment, Matlach Dental will analyze the gathered information to form appropriate treatment recommendations to present to you during your next visit. Matlach Dental will evaluate your risk level in each of these categories. If you have medium or high risk in any category, Dr. Matlach will discuss strategic treatment options to address your needs.