Rejuvenate Your Appearance with a Smile Makeover

We believe that each patient deserves to have a beautiful smile. If your teeth are crooked, stained, worn-down, crowded, or have other imperfections, it can greatly impact your self-confidence. A smile makeover is a customized cosmetic dental plan that combines several procedures to achieve a smile that complements your overall appearance. Dr. Robert Matlach and our team work closely with smile makeover patients at our Huntington office to create beautiful, natural-looking smiles. To schedule a smile makeover consultation, contact us today.

Preparing for a Smile Makeover

Cosmetic enhancements are only successful when they are supported by a healthy foundation. Before a patient undergoes aesthetic treatments, Dr. Matlach will first address any pending oral health problems.

During an initial consultation and risk assessment, Dr. Matlach will take a series of photographs of your smile. These will allow him to examine the way your smile complements your facial features, how closely the curvature of your upper lip and the curvature of your upper dental arch match, and a variety of other factors that affect the aesthetics of a smile. By carefully listening to a patient's goals and matching them with treatments, Dr. Matlach can create an effective, customized smile makeover plan.

Smile Makeover Treatment Options

Once your initial analysis is complete, you can begin discussing the various smile makeover treatments we offer to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Popular options include:

  • Teeth Whitening - We offer in-office and take-home whitening systems so patients can experience significantly brighter smiles. These treatments eliminate deep stains caused by certain foods, age, genetics, and medications.
  • Gum Reshaping - Some patients have uneven or "gummy" smiles (excessive gum tissue that make the teeth look smaller). Dr. Matlach can carefully remove gum tissue to create a more symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing frame for your teeth.
  • Porcelain Veneers - Porcelain veneers are thin ceramic shells that are bonded to the front of one or more teeth. They are specially designed to conceal chips, cracks, inconsistent shaping, and other imperfections. Veneers are customized to look natural among surrounding teeth, creating symmetry and an overall enhanced appearance.
  • Invisalign® - Invisalign® is an alternative to traditional braces, and can correct most of the same issues. A series of customized mouthpieces made of clear plastic are worn 22 hours a day, and can be removed when you are eating, brushing, and flossing. Meanwhile, because they are clear, no one will notice you are wearing them.

In addition to cosmetic procedures, restorative treatments like inlays, onlays, dental crowns, and fillings may be needed to first treat decay and cavities. Dr. Matlach will take plenty of time to identify your needs and recommend treatments that will benefit you the most.

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Smiles are among the first features we notice in others.  When you feel confident in the appearance of your smile, it can do wonders for your personal and professional life. To learn more about what a smile makeover can do for you, contact our Huntington office and schedule an appointment today.