7 Ways Bonding Can Beautify

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Dental bonding is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure at Robert Matlach Dental in Huntington NY, but there are many patients who don’t know exactly what it is. In this blog post, we explain seven ways dental bonding is used in cosmetic dentistry.

The procedure uses a tooth-colored material that is applied to the teeth while soft, like putty. Next it is hardened with a special light. The material bonds with the tooth, and can be shaped and polished.

Dentists will usually consider the option of bonding when teeth:

  1. Are decayed
  2. Are chipped
  3. Are cracked
  4. Need to be reinforced
  5. Have large spaces between them
  6. Are held in place by receding gums
  7. Are discolored

At Robert Matlach Dental in Huntington NY bonding is a versatile cosmetic dentistry procedure. We’ve treated people from North Bay, East Smithtown, and South Melville, who also come to us for general and restorative dentistry. Contact us today!

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