How Tooth Grinding Can Damage Your Smile

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This message from Robert Matlach Dental in Huntington NY is about teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is a common behavior in people of all ages. It is when someone involuntarily clenches their jaw or rubs their teeth together. It can happen during the day or night and in children and adults. Some people grind their teeth intermittently when they are going through periods of unusual stress. For other individuals, it becomes a habit over a period of time.

Regardless of the cause, tooth grinding can be painful and damaging to your smile.

The Dangers of Teeth Grinding

  • It can lead to loose teeth
  • It can cause physical pain in the teeth or face
    • Headaches
    • Jaw pain
    • Ear pain
    • Tooth pain
  • It can break teeth
  • It can wear down enamel
  • It can cause abnormalities with the alignment of the bite

Tips/Ways to Help Stop Grinding Your Teeth

  • Wear a mouthguard to bed
  • Botox (injections of Botox into the jaw muscles can prevent the muscles from contracting in some patients)
  • Biofeedback
  • Physical therapy
  • Stress relief exercises
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Avoid alcohol

Resources to Help Stop Grinding Your Teeth

  • Consult with us about a custom night guard
  • Talk to your primary care physician about possible underlying medical factors
  • Talk to a sleep medicine specialist
  • Talk to a medical professional who is experienced in using Botox to treat medical conditions–these include dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, TMD specialists, and some dentists

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