Teeth Look Too Short? Lengthen Them!

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Most people who are considering cosmetic dentistry are aware of the procedures that are available, here at Robert Matlach Dental in Huntington NY.

There are porcelain veneers: a custom made wafer-thin covering permanently attached to the front of a tooth to make it stain-free and perfectly shaped. Veneers can repair small chips and crack in teeth that are free of decay.

Orthodontia has received a lot of attention with the introduction of invisible and short-term braces. And braces are not only for ‘tweens and teenagers. More and more adults are straightening their teeth to achieve remarkable smiles.

A cosmetic dental procedure that is lesser known is crown lengthening. If you feel that your teeth appear too short or that your smile exposes more gum than you would like (a ‘gummy smile’), you may be interested in crown lengthening.

Crown lengthening is a safe and effective procedure that exposes more of the visible part of the tooth while minimizing the vertical length of exposed gum tissue.

Sometimes, crown lengthening is used when a tooth is fractured at the gumline. The surgery makes tooth structure accessible for the needed restoration.

At Robert Matlach Dental in Huntington NY we use cosmetic dentistry to improve the smiles of our patients every day. People from North Bay, East Smithtown, and South Melville also come to us for complete general dentistry. Call to schedule an appointment today!

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